Hey, I'm Allison


The last few years have been… something else, huh? When life feels it’s most overwhelming, I use photography to give me perspective.

In 2020, I started hiking to escape from an intense office job, relationship struggles and the dread that current events gave me. Every weekend I would wake up before sunrise to drive hours to a new trailhead and immerse myself in the woods. I would spend hours climbing a mountain or hiking along a river, pretending that I was slowly walking out of my life.

What began as running away from my life quickly transitioned to running to my next adventure. Living in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Washington, I had no shortage of destinations to explore, and I started photography to try to capture the peace that this new hobby gave me.

In the following years, I learned a lot. But more than anything, I learned that life is an adventure. And if you can't embrace every part of it - the unforgivingly relentless climb included - then it'll be harder to enjoy.

That's what I aim to do with my work - find and capture the authentic details that make up each moment, big or small.