I recently attended a friend’s wedding in Kalaloch. Since I live in Bellingham now, it’s quite a trek to get to the peninsula, so I decided to camp and hike for a couple of days beforehand to make the most out of the drive. 

The wedding was beyond magical in every way. It was a small (but definitely not quiet) celebration with only family and the closest of friends there to witness two of the most genuinely kind-hearted people get married. They’re big into plants and gardening, so they grew their own flowers and essentially brought their garden to the beach for this beautiful day. Lights were strung up and we sat at a U-shaped table, laughing, drinking and celebrating together. Speeches made me cry in the best way possible. 

It was the perfect expression of their love. Soft but loud, honest and kind, peaceful but not without shenanigans. It’s those kinds of rare moments that give me hope. 

The day after the ceremony, the smoke rolled in from the local wildfires. I learned that one of my top priority “next to hike” spots was now on fire. While temperatures dropped and the smoke kept me inside, I realized that summer was coming to an end, much quicker than I had anticipated. I looked back at the hikes and adventures that I had over the past few months and longed for the time and air quality to have a few more before I submit to the foggy, wet winter hikes. 

I guess my feelings can be summed up in this - do that thing that you want to do. Go to that place you want to go. Because by the time that everything is finally “perfect” for that trip, that person, that thing, something else will come along to complicate it.

A few days later, a big rainstorm came and pushed the wildfire smoke to the north. It looks like I might have a few more weekends to hike after all. 

Here’s to saying “yes”, “now”, and “I do”.

Here’s to hope.